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We’re all about data and data analytics - it’s everything we do. Shaping and transforming data, devising the most powerful data models and visualizing data so you can adopt analytics and predictive capabilities throughout your organization.

Predictive Analytics

Predict customer behaviour


Managed Analytics as a Service

Reporting & Visualization

Explore and understand your data

Data Science

Extract knowledge and insights from data

Data Engineering

Design, organize and protect your data so that you can make sense of it.

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence exhibited by machines

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We design our solutions on leading Big Data and analytics technologies. They are built to help you use and store large data sets and extract actionable intel from your structured, unstructured and real-time data. With our pre-built Hadoop and analytics-on-cloud solutions, you can get a head start in your Big Data transformation.

Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure


Tibco Spotfire





Voice AI or Chat Bots?

Voice AI or Chat Bots was the subject of a very interesting dinner conversation recently! While significant cost efficiencies, particularly in call centers, will be driven by voice driven AI, chat driven AI should not Read more…

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