Who We Are

We started Syntelli Solutions Inc. in 2005 as an enterprise performance management solutions provider for CFOs. Built to help clients influence behavior with the power of data, we provided data science and Big Data services before the industry called it Big Data. In the past 10 years, our practices have matured to include enhanced data lake practices with data governance and the latest data-shaping and science practices.

What We Do

We’re all about data and data analytics—it’s everything we do. Shaping and transforming data, forming the right data model hypothesis, building the right models, and visualizing data so you can adopt analytics and predictive capabilities throughout your organization.

How We Can Help

We can help you make the most of your data, to design and execute strategies that influence behavior of your customers, prospects, suppliers, employees and stakeholders. Analytics is not just a science of numbers. It’s an art that should be applied to improve an organization’s overall performance, culture and well-being.
We design our solutions on leading Big Data and analytics technologies. They are built to help you use and store large data sets and extract actionable intel from your structured, unstructured and real-time data. With our pre-built Hadoop and analytics-on-cloud solutions, you can get a head start in your Big Data transformation.

Our skills, experience and knowledge focus on these areas:

  • Big Data PaaS architecture and development: Our Data Science architects construct solutions using flexible and cost-effective PaaS components such as Azure ML, HDInsight, Azure Data Lake, and Azure Functions
  • Big Data Governance: We ensure your data remains secure and managed through key management, AD / LDAP integration, user access pattern management, and data management
  • Data Monetization: Our solution architects create model and data objects which may be securely reused within and outside of your organization – extracting maximum value from data
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Our data specialists use the latest in advanced data analytics techniques – from self-learning Neural Networks to highly specialized multi-level Bayesian mixed-effects forecasting – to help you understand what your data is telling you
  • Model “Productionalization”: Deploy your statistical models in your day to day operations through RESTful and Graph APIs both stand alone and as micro services.
  • Data Visualization: Either through your existing BI Tools such as Power BI or in custom web applications, our visualizations experts can make any solution easy to understand.

Big Data Analytics Technology - Syntelli

Our services also provide the resources that help your non-technical users perform their own analysis in a few simple steps. Our training and ongoing consulting services can keep them in the forefront of BI technological advances.

Syntelli also is involved in the community and our employees give back in a variety of ways. Learn more about the charities and causes we’re passionate about.

Syntelli is a Minority Owned business as certified by CVMSDC.


Bets Place to Work in Charlotte, NCIn 2017, Syntelli was selected as one of the best places to work, by Charlotte Business Journal.


Want to discuss your Big Data analytics with Syntelli?

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