In this video, one of our principal consultants, Daniel Smith, explores a data set from Ireland with TIBCO Spotfire 7.0. He showcases one of the new important features of the new Spotfire realase – the Recommendations Engine, and how intuitive and easy to use it is.

A brief synopsis of the functions covered in the video tutorial:

To try this and follow along with Daniel, download the data set here.

To see how your organization can get trained on and implement a business intelligence tool, such as Spotfire, contact us or request a demo of Syntelli Services.

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Daniel-SmithDaniel Smith
Principal Consultant

About Daniel: Using Business Intelligence platforms to bridge the gap between Advanced Data Analytics and the efficient effective principles of accounting, Daniel applies technology and mathematics to make business faster and smarter.

Daniel has managed solutions for diverse client sectors such as as advertising, military, insurance, and oil & gas. These solutions include Business Intelligence Platform management, online key performance indicator identification and tracking, to full predictive data model construction. Although the analytic solutions are often mathematically complex, Daniel’s presentation and academic background ensures any insights delivered by solutions are relevant and simple to understand.


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