The Inside Scoop on the 2017 Queen City Hackathon

Organized and sponsored by the Analytics & Big Data (ABD) Society, the Queen City Hackathon was held in Charlotte on November 10th and 11th, 2017.Charlotte is a rapidly growing city, and a great place to live in, but like any other city it has its own set of problems. According to a Harvard study, Charlotte ranked 50th among 50 big cities in the United States, for economic mobility. Unless it’s the list of Most Wanted Criminals, it’s never a good thing to be at the bottom… and that’s why the ABD Society was born. (more…)

By Maithili Khansaheb, ago

How To Export Google Analytics Data into a Data Lake: Case Study

One of our clients recently presented a unique and advanced analytics challenge. Through an innovative approach, the Syntelli team successfully implemented a simple, yet effective solution, to satisfy several other business requirements. Ultimately, the team was able to significantly increase the client’s insight into a specific function of their business and provide valuable, actionable information. (more…)

By Amit Ubale, ago

How To Unlock Analytics Maturity in Your Organization: 3 Skills For Success

This is our third and concluding post in the series of achieving analytics maturity for finance and accounting professionals. Read the first part here, and the second part here.As seen in our Data Science example in part two of our series on becoming analytically mature, success in analytics does not start with an analytics product or platform, it begins with domain knowledge, motivated and capable employees, and an organization willing to invest time and resources into becoming more analytically mature. (more…)

By Daniel Smith, ago


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