Quick Relief for Data Discovery

Syntelli Blog - Quick Relief for Data DiscoveryData discovery has become a big deal to organizations of all sizes, and we know why. We review the reasons and the value that data discovery adds to the search for business insight.

Why Is Data Discovery a Big Deal?
Because it’s one solution to a very big, Big Data management pain. It’s the search through huge volumes of information, which provides business users with relevant information expressed in business terms.The biggest challenge of Big Data is that more information arrives every day. It doesn’t stop. And there are fewer data professionals to find, wrangle and analyze it. These days, business users replace data specialists in a less structured, question-and-answer approach to data discovery. Now, the focus is on getting relevant answers to business questions with minimal IT help.(more…)

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More Data Science Magic: Visualizing and Sharing Results

More Data Science MagicIn our previous post, we described what business users could accomplish during data discovery, selection and analysis. We used the TIBCO Spotfire, Tableau Desktop and Hortonworks Platform tools to show how business users can build serious data scientist chops without a PhD. This time, we complete the workflow by reviewing the platform’ data visualization and sharing capabilities.

Visualize Data
A visual summary of information makes it easy to recognize patterns and outliers in large data sets. Visualization software has been around for a while. But modern analytics platforms take visualization to new levels of data processing power, versatility and user convenience.(more…)

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Self-Service Data Magic: No Wands, Just Great Tools

Big Data AnalyticsNot long ago, we ran a post describing how business users can learn to become data scientists. No, we didn’t resort to spells or incantations. Instead, we described tools, capabilities and best practices that help analysis-minded business users get insight directly from their data.In this seven-part series, we’re devoting a post to each of the six enablers mentioned in our earlier post.First up: the most advanced self-service capabilities business users can perform on leading Big Data analytics platforms.

DIY Big Data Analytics without Tears

Here’s a summary of advanced capabilities and why TIBCO Spotfire, Tableau Desktop and Hortonworks can help you perform. It’s a compilation: no single product has all the bells and whistles described here. But it can give you an idea of what you might accomplish at each stage of the analysis process.(more…)

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