Update: Release of Drill 1.2

According to the Apache Drill website, the latest release of Drill 1.2 is now available. The newest version now has even more window functions, and caching of Parquet metadata.

The release highlights are listed below (for details please visit here):

  • 217 JIRAs fixed
  • Relational Database Support
    -JDBC storage plugin allows for quering RDBMSs
    -SQL queries can be run to join data between relational databases and non-relational datastores
    -Automatic pushes executions into RDBMS whenever possible
  • New Window Function
    -Value Functions: FIRST_VALUE, LAST_VALUE, LEAD, LAG
    -Aggregate Functions: AVG, COUNT, MAX, MIN, SUM
  • Drill supports 15 window functions and multiple window functions in a single query.
  • Parquet Metadata Caching
    -A new feature in Drill 1.2 allows for metadata information to be cached, instead of scanning all files
    -Cache is maintained automatically
  • Faster performance on HBase and Hive Tables
    – Tables backed by Parquet files
  • Improved MongoDB integration, supporting extended JSON types

Add Apache Drill to Your Big Data Toolkit

ApacheDrillOpen source software is no stranger to enterprise big data operations. More and more open source distributions are powerful enough to handle the high-volume, high-speed requirements of modern data analytics.

Apache Drill 1.0, an open source initiative, is the newest entrant in a growing group of Hadoop distributions. Recently, the MapR community has also officially backed it and industry analysts recognize Drill as the top-rated SQL-on-Hadoop technology.[1]

Ready for Use in the Enterprise

Apache Drill is designed for demanding enterprise computing environments. It provides a modern big data solution that:

  • Offers a flexible, low-latency SQL engine, a requirement in big data analytics.
  • Combines familiar relational databases with the agility and scalability of Hadoop and NoSQL systems.
  • Supports interactive queries on a variety of complex, multi-structured datasets.
  • Operates at terabyte and petabyte scales.
  • Includes a rich mix of ANSI SQL skill sets and tools.
  • Allows for complex data to be mapped into familiar BI tools

The result: next-generation SQL technology that’s fast, scalable and up to the biggest data analytics challenge.

A New Product Ready to Accomplish Great Things

Apache Drill 1.0 makes Hadoop and big data analytics more accessible to business users. Supported by a strong community of 50 contributors and thousands of users and customers, Drill 1.0 development delivered seven releases. Each has added stability, scalability and performance improvements needed for broader use in enterprise deployments.

[1] MapR blog

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