Cloud-Based Analytics Solution for Your Big Data

No Download Needed – Start Exploring Immediately

Getting a big data solution working is a complex undertaking with infrastructure, software, installs, configuration and users get lost in the ‘technology of big-data’ rather than the ‘benefits of big data’.

The “Big Data Insights: Apache Drill and Spotfire by Syntelli” helps users fire up a pre-built, ready to go, Test Drive to immediately see how to extract value from big data technologies.

See how easy it is to get started.


Sign up right now and begin exploring the benefits of our Test Drive:

  • Get 8 hours of  free access to explore the functionality of Spotfire Desktop and Drill Explorer
  • No configuration or download needed with this on-the-cloud test drive
  • See first-hand, how easy it is to query complex data and discover schemas on-the fly with Apache Drill
  • Discover business insights and create meaningful dashboards with Spotfire
  • Use our sample JSON data-sets with a free how-to video to guide you through
  • Interact with a fully functional 3 node Hadoop cluster with a Spotfire Desktop that is fully configured with Apache Drill




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