Hortonworks Data Platform 2.3 represents another major step forward in Hadoop’s development as the open source enterprise data platform. This release incorporates more than a hundred of the most recent Hadoop innovations, all of which are designed to help data specialists and programmers work more efficiently.
HDP 2.3 is the only entirely open framework based on Apache Hadoop. With it, you can:

Simplify installation and initial configuration of Hadoop clusters.

The HDP framework is guided, opinionated, and more digestible for HDFS, YARN, HBase, and Hive configurations.

Configure shared access to large clusters

Configure shared access to large clusters through a much easier web interface to the YARN Capacity Scheduler.

Use customized dashboards

Use customized dashboards to keep an eye on the metrics you value most.

New Capabilities Simplify Data Management

Use HDP 2.3 capabilities to reduce the time and effort of data management and programming tasks:

  • The easy-to-use SQL Editor for Hive enables you to build and display a visual “explain plan” for your SQL queries. This enables an extended debugging experience when you engage the Tez execution engine.
  • The Pig Latin Editor brings a modern web HDFS browser-based IDE experience to Pig. The editor also includes a file browser for HDFS.
  • Often, organizations try to store their data in a single repository and interact with it simultaneously in different ways. To accomplish this efficiently, they need SQL, data streaming, data analytics, batch processing and other capabilities, all available in the same cluster. For these organizations, HDP 2.3 adds these new engines:
    • Enhanced SQL semantics in Apache Hive
    • Solr on YARN (lower TCO)
    • New capabilities for feature-rich Spark applications.
    • Advances in comprehensive security and governance
    • Centralized security policy and audit management
    • HDFS Data at rest encryption (DARE).
    • Audit optimization and scalable storage.

Apache Atlas

Apache Atlas was created to create a standard approach to working with metadata and data governance. Atlas is designed to exchange metadata with other tools and processes within and outside the Hadoop stack. Use Atlas to enable platform-agnostic governance controls to address enterprise compliance requirements.

Hortonworks SmartSense

SmartSense enables proactive monitoring and maintenance within your HDP support subscription. Use SmartSense to gather information, provide recommendations, and help optimize cluster utilization and health.

To discover the difference that HDP 2.3 can make in your operations, contact Syntelli now, and we’ll show you how.



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