Not long ago, companies used data to create and report summaries of their business. They looked backward and nothing more. Now, the companies can use the same historical data to peer into future risks and growth opportunities.

Why It’s Important For Your Business

Predictive analytics modeling allows your business to discover valuable insights by capturing customer relationships or behavior information. Using predictive analytics gives your firm a competitive advantage by predicting the outcome of decisions more accurately than your competitors do.

How We Do It

We take your data from everywhere we can find it — customers, vendors, suppliers — and use the science of probability to turn it into business intelligence. We contextualize each data point (a product SKU, a vehicle, a customer, an employee, a machine, etc.) to a wider dataset so that you can understand the trends of your business. We can apply predictive analytics to measure credit risk or detect fraud, predict product sales, provide better healthcare.

Our Data-to-Intelligence Conversion Process:

Predictive Analytics Solutions by SyntelliDiscover, gather and clean your data

Predictive Analytics Solutions by SyntelliReview your data and assign tags that describe its content

Predictive Analytics Solutions by SyntelliApply statistical modeling methods designed to predict future outcomes

Predictive Analytics Solutions by SyntelliPresent findings to business and IT leaders for decision making

Throughout the stages of this process, you can rely on our experienced consultants to customize solutions to fit your company’s requirements.

Use Cases and Applications:

With predictive analytics, your organization can find the right answers more quickly in areas such as:

Operations Use Cases

  • Resource allocation
  • Network optimization
  • Cost-effective value chain

Sales and Marketing Use Cases

  • Strategies that work best for each marketing segment
  • Effective customer targeting methods
  • Predicting marketing ROI
  • Identifying risks of customer churn
  • Company-wide strategy
  • Business modeling that optimizes revenue and profit
  • Best tactics for business growth
  • Market strategy
  • Risk assessment

So, ditch the spreadsheets and move your business from what it is to what it can become.


Predictive Analytics Modeling



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