About RapidMiner:

RapidMiner is the number 1 open source platform for predictive analytics in the industry and one the leaders as positioned by Gartner in the Leaders Quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics Platforms. The predictive analytics platform allows for businesses of any size and industry to close the loop between insights and action by going beyond analyzing past events and instead, predicting what will happen – from the success of advertising campaigns to customer lifetime value and sentiment analysis. RapidMiner can be used by virtually anyone, providing easy access in any environment and eliminating the need for programming languages.

The solution provided by RapidMiner’s platform is lightning-fast and helps companies stay abreast of any potential risks or opportunities.

RapidMiner has a few key products that enhance the experience of predictive analytics:


-Does not require use of programming languages
-Easy to use and intuitive graphical user interface
-Powerful and open extension APIs that connect to many data sources:

  •   Excel
  •   Access
  •   Oracle
  •   IBM DB2
  •   Microsoft SQL
  •   Netezza
  •   MySQL
  •   Postgres
  •   SPSS
  •   Salesforce.com & others

-Allows work with big data sources (in-memory, in-database, in-stream, in-cloud, in-Hadoop analytics)
-Compatible with all major platforms and OSs
-Powerful visualizations
-Multiple interfaces for different models
-Accurate preprocessing with meta data transformation
-Complete toolbox to allow you to run more than 1500 operations


-Enterprise-level environment for robust predictive analytics
-Contains central repository and management
-Has dedicated computation power
-Allows for broad extensibility

Three Tiers of RapidMiner Server:

  1. Collaboration – allows for easy and secure collaboration among a team of data scientists (sharing analytical processes, predictive applications, data sources, etc.)
  2. Computation – optimized for performance of running big jobs on enterprise hardware regardless of location, freeing up personal system
  3.  Deployment – open API, connectors, and deployment of processes as web services allows for easy integration with cloud, business, IT systems.


-Extends predictive analytics to Hadoop, supporting Hadoop security implementations for big data value extraction
-Speaks native Hive, MapReduce, Spark, Pig and Mahout
-Allows for focus on developing analytics instead of programming Hadoop
-Allows for analysis of full breadth and variety of big data, instead of subsets of Hadoop data
-Can incorporate SparkR, PySpark, Pig and HiveQL scripts in workflows and code-free environment
-Integrates with Kerberos authentication
-Employs Apache Sentry and Apache Ranger to support data access authorization


-Central, cloud-based repository
-On-demand highly-performant computation for large jobs
-Free for RapidMiner Community members – up to 20MB of data processes



RapidMiner is ubiquitous among industries and successfully helps businesses in solving data-related challenges. Here are a few sample use cases for RapidMiner:

Segment Customers And Prevent Churn

• RapidMiner enables companies to analyze customer data and identify which customers are in danger of switching to the competition.
• It then helps the company implement a retention campaign that is cost-effective and targets these customers to address their specific reasons for switching.

Predictive Maintenance to Protect Against Technical Failures

• RapidMiner allows for implementation of Predictive Maintenance, which predicts future failures of machines and protects against the risk of disaster.
• Predictive Maintenance saves money in overall maintenance by repairing only those machines that need it
• Predictive Maintenance also analyzes the cause of machine failures to determine if action is needed

Sentiment Analysis

• RapidMiner empowers businesses to extract relevant information from textual content within the Big Data context
• Sentiment analysis is useful in identifying upcoming trends for consumer reach, new business opportunities for growth, and others by leveraging text analytics and machine learning.

Risk Modeling To Mitigate Against Threats

• With RapidMiner, companies no longer have to be surprised with negative developments, but instead accurately predict potential threats
• Risk Modeling allows firms to accurately forecast price movements and economic developments that could impact business activities
• With Risk Modeling, users can also identify emerging fraudulent activities and prevent them from negatively impacting the business

Interested in learning how you can leverage RapidMiner for your organizational data-challenges?



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