Big Data & Advanced Analytics Success Stories

There’s nothing like a good story to highlight how our data specialists work with the latest tools to our clients’ benefit. Here are summaries of success stories of our work with past and current clients.


Analytics Solutions for Healthcare IT Leader

Client: Fortune 500 Healthcare IT Leader

Synopsis: Syntelli helped a healthcare leader establish its first Chief Data Officer function, unlocking multimillion dollar revenue and efficiency returns

Use Case: Syntelli engaged in the early inception of a federated data management and governance initiative. Leveraging its roots in data strategy, advanced analytics and enterprise architecture, Syntelli quickly expanded its business value proposition in collaboration with the enterprise data leader proposing an enterprise scale Chief Data Officer business model. Successful collaboration and negotiation with the newly identified Chief Data Officer and its C-level executives, laid the foundation of the new CDO department. During its first 100 days, multiple data governance, master data management and analytics pilot-initiatives leveraged early returns, convincing the clients’ executive sponsors to engage all critical business units to further invest in the new CDO organization. Through the top-down & bottom-up business alignment model, the business/data/technical stewards realized value, lead by their selected ‘chief data stewards’, unlocking multi million dollar use cases in 6 business units. Syntelli helped build the vision, strategy and execution with a dysfunctional, silo-ed data model to an enterprise fully operative and cross-collaborative CDO initiative, driven by the business unit leaders and the CIO organization.

Oil & Gas

Big Data Analytics Success Stories for Oil and GasWe work with many clients in the Texas oil and gas market and have plenty experience implementing Big Data analytics projects. For example  a major petroleum services company needed help with a Big Data analytics project. Our data specialists helped build a Hadoop-based architecture with an extension to Spotfire. More importantly, our team created custom connections between Hortonworks and Spotfire and enabled it via Kerberos. This enabled our customer’s data specialists to get access to and manage petabytes of data at a moment’s notice and analyze the data in real time. Our initial projections suggest the data integration project will save the company over $200,000 in yearly labor costs, as well as improving production efficiency by 2 to 3% . In this case, disparate data types were compiled into business intelligence reports, filled with the most relevant information and ready for analysis and decision making.

Financial Services

Big Data Analytics Success Stories for Financial ServicesLike many financial institutions, our customer was challenged with handling huge volumes of data. The Capital Markets team realized that to scale beyond today’s data requirements, their current approach (enterprise data warehousing) was not sustainable. Our data specialists set up a Hadoop-based data lake solution. This approach had proved itself a faster and lower-cost alternative to the existing data warehouse. After deployment, the time it took to add attributes dropped by 60 percent, and data storage costs fell by 97 percent. The switch to a data lake solution also made it easier for business users to collect, process, and query large data sets.

Retail & CPG

Big Data Analytics for Retail and CPGWe’ve helped several Fortune 500 retail clients reach their business goals to streamline operations with Big Data technologies. Built on Hadoop, Flume, Hive and BusinessWorks, these solutions have helped our retail clients make sense of their data and other relevant information. Our predictive analytics solutions enable clients to interpret consumer trends and anticipate customer demand.

Our solution for our retail customer includes TIBCO Spotfire and development on their Hadoop paltform. Spotfire dashboards, which provide a clear picture of existing inventory, current and potential demand and the competition’s next move. By having access to this vital information, our customer’s business users can synchronize its pricing model as often as needed to reflect the product sales and match merchandizing objectives. Segmentation of consumers has also enabled the company to better serve their key target markets, by providing sales promotions at the right time and place.


Big Data Analytics for ManufacturingWhen one of our customers, a global medical equipment manufacturer, needed to set up Spotfire for its business analytics unit, our data specialists designed and developed dashboards to meet their requirements.

Each report created enables business users to instantly pull and save their daily reports and send them to their managers. These dashboard reports also help users to track everything from the types of products manufactured, to the length of time products take to be manufactured, where each product is located and by what production process.

With just a few clicks, business users could easily tell which products bring in the most revenue, which have the biggest manufacturing volume, which are most expensive to make and which take the longest to manufacture.

With this solution, our client’s business users avoided many hours compiling data for reports and spent more time making fast, accurate decisions. The solution which was implemented and is now being maintained by Syntelli Solutions, supports over 1,200 users.

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