Advanced Analytics for Manufacturing - Case Study
When one of our customers, a global medical equipment manufacturer, needed to set up Spotfire for its business analytics unit, our data specialists designed and developed dashboards to meet their requirements.

Each report created enables business users to instantly pull and save their daily reports and send them to their managers. These dashboard reports also help users to track everything from the types of products manufactured, to the length of time products take to be manufactured, where each product is located and by what production process.

With just a few clicks, business users could easily tell which products bring in the most revenue, which have the biggest manufacturing volume, which are most expensive to make and which take the longest to manufacture.

With this solution, our client’s business users avoided many hours compiling data for reports and spent more time making fast, accurate decisions. The solution which was implemented and is now being maintained by Syntelli Solutions, supports over 1,200 users.



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