Big Data Solutions By Business Function

Marketing Solutions

Marketing SolutionsUnderstanding customers is an essential capability for any successful business. We can help make the most of your existing customer data and better understand your best customers. It’s no longer just about the marketing message. Where you distribute your message—and how customers consume it—are also important.

Syntelli data scientists enable you to take advantage of modern big data technologies and start customer engagement more quickly.

From performing a 360-degree view of your customers to predictive analytics and real-time text analysis, we can show you how to gather data from disparate sources and transform it into manageable information, which you can use to make decisions.

For example, learn which activities will increase customer engagement, which will keep them loyal and what’s the optimal spend across your marketing channels.

Human Resources Solutions

Human Resources SolutionsBig Data analytics has become a requirement for HR compliance activities such as recruitment, affirmative action and compensation. Irrelevant or out-of-date data in these activities can be a liability for your business practice. With Big Data analytics, you can analyze your workforce, identify areas of improvement and mitigate HR-related risks.

We can help you set up customized BI dashboards, which can identify data that leads you to take action. You’ll be able to use what-if planning to identify areas of risk, manage productivity data to understand your staffing needs, perform Equal Employment Opportunity audits and keep employee data secure.

Finance Solutions

Finance SolutionsEnterprise finance departments are filled with complex processes, which must be kept transparent and efficient. We provide highly customized solutions that can make sense of them all. Our data scientists help CFOs in all industries gain greater visibility and control over financial operations, from forecasting and budgeting to compliance with regulations.

For financial departments, data quality determines the types of insights generated. Sophisticated analytics solutions can ensure data quality, which will lead to better knowledge of current customer behavior, trends, capital efficiency, risk assessments and predictions.

Some of our past solutions include financial reporting and management, business process modeling, cost and profit analysis, regulatory compliance and planning and budget reports.

Operations Solutions

Operations SolutionsWhen you’re in charge of operations, you want things to be efficient and as inexpensive as possible. However, there are plenty of obstacles to operational success. They span processes, assets, and employees in your organization.

Our data scientists have plenty of experience using Big Data analytics to solve operational problems. Get ahead of your competition with our proven BI skillset. Anticipate market trends, consumer expectations, changing distribution channels, and how to allocate capital more effectively.

Sales Solutions

Sales SolutionsEvery great organization relies on its sales team for long-term success. And every sales team must have access to accurate and comprehensive information to deliver revenue targets and keep the company growing. We can equip your sales team with the latest, most effective technology and customized dashboards, which they can refer to throughout the sales cycle.

Identify top performers and monitor your key sales metrics throughout the sales cycle. Our knowledge of Big Data analytics and BI data can help your team focus on what they do best – sell. From tracking prospects to geographical analysis and account management, we can help your sales team get a quick, accurate understanding of your data.

IT Management Solutions

IT Management SolutionsEffective Big Data analytics probably play their biggest role in your IT department. That’s where managers must deliver solutions to other departments as well as analyze and maintain efficient IT operations. And, constant changes in the marketplace require IT managers to know the latest BI tools and methods.

From database monitoring to help desk ticketing and staffing and hardware inventory tracking, our consultants can help your IT team adopt Big Data analytics tools that work best in your unique situation.

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