Big Data Solutions by Industry

Our consulting team works with companies in many industries. Here’s a sample of our consulting and technical capabilities.

Oil & Gas

Big Data for Oil and Gas - SyntelliTo meet increasing demand oil and gas, companies must continually find new energy sources. Combine the challenges of new data from real-time sensors and availability of different types of data, and you have a big job ahead of you.

When you work with us, you have a timely access to any volume of data. And, get access to our expertise in advanced data management and security. Our consultants are experienced in working directly with oil and gas customers. They’ve helped clients meet a vast array of challenges such as: reducing operations costs, automating data retention policies, designing and building reliable Big Data architectures and compliance with government regulations.

Our featured case study, shows you how we work with oil and gas customers.

Financial Services

Big Data Analytics for Financial Services Companies - SyntelliThe financial services industry is filled with complex rules and regulations, which add huge volumes of data to everyday operations. Our consultants are experts in providing support and innovative solutions for banks, investment firms, insurance and credit card companies, and commercial lenders.

Much of this work includes Big Data integration projects as well as analysis of disparate data streams from banks, insurance claims and policies, treaties and asset management. Our consultants craft dashboards, which enable business users to make faster and better decisions by using customer behavior, market and economic trends and competitive landscape data.

Our featured case study, shows how we helped one of our financial customers meet compliance guidelines and avoid the headaches of making late or inaccurate decisions.

Retail and CPG

Big Data Analytics for Retail and CPG - SyntelliCustomer analytics mean everything to companies in the retail sector. Understanding consumer behavior and gleaning actionable insights can make or break a retail business.  We provide industry-specific solutions that answer our customers’ most pressing questions. Which campaigns are most likely to succeed? Which product launch should we invest in? What is the 360-degree view of our best customer?

These are just a few of the questions that our consultants have answered by using vast amounts of structured and unstructured client data. We help refine data visualizations with industry best UX practices, help retail companies integrate Big Data about market shares and measure the marketing performance of your competitors.

Our featured retail case study, shows how our retail customer’s operation in the U.S. made the most of our experience.

Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

Big Data For Pharmaceuticals and Life SciencesThis sector offers many opportunities to extract valuable insights from the vast amounts of data. We’ve helped many pharmaceutical and life sciences companies provide end-to-end architecture solutions, deploy dashboards that monitor pharmaceutical products and analyze patient-level data to provide better medical services.

Life sciences case study coming soon.


Analytics For Healthcare - SyntelliAfter the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, healthcare companies have faced many changes that affect their position in the marketplace. Data from patients added to the healthcare system is a perfect fit for Big Data analytics. Our skills and experience in the field prepared our consultants to deliver valuable services to our healthcare customers. The latest Big Data analytics methods help us provide powerful solutions to healthcare providers. These solutions help us answer vital questions about patient segments, customer satisfaction, total cost of healthcare delivery and claims support.

We can help you integrate many types of data into meaningful BI reports. With them, you can focus on making quick and accurate decisions and continue doing what you do best – providing your patients with first-class healthcare. This is no easy task.

Healthcare case study coming soon.


Telecom Utilities Big Data Solutions - SyntelliThe rapid growth of telecommunications devices is one of the biggest contributors to Big Data generated by consumers.  Our consultants unlock the value of these massive datasets and deliver insightful and digestible information, which can make the decision process faster and easier. Whether this data comes from service calls, customer relations records  and network optimization, it can be used effectively to achieve a competitive advantage and company business goals.

Ask our data science consultants how we can help you implement a Big Data project.

Telecom case study coming soon.


Big Data Analytics for Manufacturing - SyntelliIn manufacturing across the globe, understanding historical data and identifying patterns in real time are becoming an important part of driving business success. Operations managers can use Big Data analytics to study input-output relationships to understand what improves efficiencies and optimizes yield. We will work with your managers to understand your specific business goals and then provide solutions that can help you achieve them.  We can extract, integrate and analyze the data generated from ERP, CRM, supply chain and operations systems.

Contact us to get access to your personal Big Data think tank. Whether you need to track movement of products with supply chain systems or monitor product quality KPIs, we are here to help.

Our manufacturing case study shows how we worked with our manufacturing client to make their organization more efficient.

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