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Hadoop Solutions

664px-Hadoop_logo.svgIn a world where technology is everywhere you turn, you might find yourself dealing with too many data-related problems. Our experienced consultants are ready, willing and able to take on the headache of Big Data projects, so you can focus on achieving your business goals.

We develop enterprise solutions on Hadoop. This open source software framework processes big datasets across many server clusters. Common Hadoop applications include graph processing, fraud detection and data pattern mining among many others.

Ask our data scientists anything about Hadoop – from integration of different types of data to architecture design and implementation and optimization activities. Think of us as your secret Hadoop think tank. You can rely on us to have answers and solutions your team needs to troubleshoot Pig, Hive, Hbase and open source what.

Join the ranks of successful companies that have unlocked the hidden power of Hadoop. They’ve saved millions of dollars of IT costs in ETL offloading and optimization.

Spark Solutions

spark_logoApache Spark was designed to improve Big Data analytics capabilities such as iterative algorithms for machine learning, faster processing speeds and streaming data analysis.

Our data scientists have implemented many Big Data solutions on Spark. We help customers in the finance industry to detect fraud and e-commerce customers, who need to combine real-time transactions with unstructured data. We have helped many organizations simplify the difficult and labor-intensive task of processing large volumes of data.

Get in touch with the brightest minds in the industry. Learn how your team can take advantage of the many cutting-edge capabilities of Spark.

RapidMiner Solutions

rapidminer-logo-retinaThe RapidMiner predictive analytics platform helps businesses of any size and industry close the loop between data and action by performing predictive analytics on huge datasets. Our staff includes certified RapidMiner consultants. Their extensive experience in using the tool can help clients understand their data and make accurate decisions more quickly. RapidMiner has been especially successful in medical database analysis, customer segmentation and churn prevention, equipment maintenance predictions and customer sentiment analysis.

Learn more about RapidMiner.

Tableau Solutions

What Is New in Tableau 9 2We have a team of bona fide Tableau fanatics. They are waiting to give your organization a competitive edge by creating easy-to-use business intelligence dashboards on one of the world’s leading platforms. With Tableau Desktop, users without technical skills and knowledge can create dashboards that handle real-time data. And, they can do it with just a few clicks.

When the challenge is getting the data in the right format for analysis, our rock star data scientists can help you access the data you need more quickly, so that you can make decisions more quickly.

Here are just a few of the things that we can help your organization do, when they use Tableau Desktop:

  • Data shaping, optimization and continuous availability
  • Customized queries and data sources
  • Building a BI environment
  • Online Tableau report availability
  • Fail-over configuration

See an example of a Tableau data visualization that also got a feature on the popular Viz of The Day site by Tableau.

Spotfire Solutions

tibco-spotfire-partnerTIBCO™ Spotfire® is another leading BI platform, which equips analysts and business users with powerful tools that find and transform data into useful information.

Our consultants implement hundreds of Spotfire projects. They range from single-customer training to integrating disparate data sources and building a customized data architecture. Our solutions include predictive modeling and application builds, which use these TIBCO applications:

  • TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R
  • Spotfire Professional, Web Player, Spotfire Server and Spotfire Lead Discovery
  • Custom development on Spotfire using the Spotfire API or S+, R and other statistical products.
  • Integration with SSIS, cubes, data load automation, etc.
  • Integration with Data Warehouse, Hadoop, and Vertica tools.
  • Spotfire Automation Services

Learn more about Spotfire.

R / Python Solutions

Rlogo-1The widespread use of the R language has made it a global phenomenon. It enables data scientists and statisticians to solve some of the most challenging problems. You can find R applications in fields ranging from quantitative marketing to computational biology.

Data-driven companies such as Google and LinkedIn have fully embraced the adoption of R and continue to develop models in their data science departments. Our consultants use R in applications ranging from optimizing portfolios, to predicting failure times and analyzing genomic sequences.

Python-logoPython® software is used to solve data science and machine learning problems. Our data scientists use Python in integration projects for high-performance applications. Our successful solutions based on Python include data mining, financial services, content management, data visualization, computational chemistry and many others.

Learn more about R and Python.

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