About TERR

TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR) is an enterprise level statistical engine built upon the extremely powerful open source R language. It provides a best of both worlds compromise between the Enterprise needs process validation and documentation versus the flexibility and affordability of open source.

TERR brings enterprise-class scalability and stability to the agile R-language, and enables statisticians to broadly share their analyses through TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services or by directly embedding the engine.” – TIBCO Spotfire®

Out of the box, Spotfire Analyst contains TERR. The only requirement is to be connected to data to analyze and have the appropriate permissions.

 Benefits of Using TERR
  • Allows for application of consistent models across multiple applications
  • Allows to easily compare a multitude of analytic approaches to discover insights
  • No need to use time or resources to re-implement R code for production
  • Has a rapid cycle from prototype to production to deliver quicker time to insight/market
  • Has a more robust memory management, with higher performance that is more linear for larger data analysis
  • Allows for seamless deployment of R code
  • Developers can easily represent an R model in TERR, instead of using a model markup language or SQL
  • Allows for embedding and redistribution
  • Has broad coverage of R functionality and CRAN packages

TERR Tutorials


Want to learn even more about TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R? Download our latest Ebook below!

TIBCO Spotfire TERR Ebook - Syntelli Solutions

See what some of our readers have to say about the TERR eBook:

Dear Daniel Smith,

Thank you so very much. I just wanted to let you know you wrote awesome tutorials and eBooks about TERR. Thanks for writing in an understandable language fully free of the often typical mathematic/scripting untinteligeble mumbo. If you knew just how much your tutorials helped me out, you would have to charge me.

I wish you lots of success.

In hope of future great tutorials,





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