TIBCO® Announces the Release of Spotfire 7.0


“Delivers Easier and Faster Visual Analytics for Everyone”

TIBCO Software Inc. has announced the release of the latest version of its data discovery and visualizations platform, TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0. This version brings to market a the ability for “business users to benefit from visual analytics through the Spotfire Recommendation Engine and a range of new, easy to access and easy to use capabilities both in the web and installed clients”.

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Previous Versions

What’s New in Spotfire 6.0

What’s New In Spotfire 6.5

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Learn more below by checking out the new main features and the details on what’s to come!


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  • Provides recommendations based on your data selectedSpotfire Recommendations Engine
  • No analytics expertise required with built-in visualization capabilities
  • Easier than ever to create a dashboard or visualization in just a matter of clicks
  • Allows previews of data to get faster insights
  • Watch our video to see how the Recommendations Engine works



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  • Spotfire 7 - Custom styling featuresNew global formatting features that allows to easily change colors, fonts, padding, etc. View video here.
  • Dark and Light themes
  • Quick access to common tasks (Axis, Filtering, Visualization changes)
  • New and clear ways to manage filters


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  •  Spotfire 7.0 - Analytics Ability to create binned columns by grouping column values with structured grouping of categories. View video here.
  • Calculated Columns for external (in-Database) data for RDBMS allow users to use expressions supported by the database, while working like a column


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  • Spotfire 7.0 - Business Author ImprovementsDrag and drop functionality
  • Quicker ways of configuring visualization properties
  • Ability to create map charts in the web client



Want to learn more? Contact one of our Spotfire professional consultants today!

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