Key Tableau Capabilities

The key features of Tableau 8.2 will help you discover and communicate your insights.

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What’s New in Tableau 8.0


What’s new in 8.2


The revolutionary technology offered on Tableau Desktop will  run natively on your Mac. You’ll get the full analytics package with access to all of your existing Tableau workbooks. Tableau Desktop on the Mac is built to support high-resolution Retina displays and will allow you to use Mac-specific controls.

Story Points

Let your data tell your story with Tableau. With Tableau, you’ll be able to create sheets and dashboards that will capture the key insights with annotations, highlights and filters. You can then add descriptions to emphasize your findings. With your story being interactive through Tableau, you’ll encourage further exploration.

New Map Designs

Tableau 8.2 features a massive overhaul on the map capabilities for geographical analysis through maps. This includes new map designs produced in collaboration with Stamen, worldwide detailed levels of zoom, an improved mapping server and support for high DPI displays.


Visual Data Window

With Tableau’s newly designed data connection experience, you can connect multiple tables, add joins with a single click, and preview your data. You’re also able to modify field properties, add data source filters, and extract your data. 




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