Key Tableau Capabilities

The key features of Tableau 9.0 will help you discover and communicate your insights.

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What’s New in Tableau 8.0

What’s New In Tableau 8.2



What’s new in Tableau 9.0

Level of Detail – LOD

LOD expressions could be compared to SQL Windowing (or OVER) functions. They allow for users to specify an additional layer of data manipulation (i.e. a sub-query) prior to your final data calculations.

Tableau Data Interpreter

Clean up your messy data with new features in Tableau Data Interpreter, which allows the user to pivot and split data within Tableau. No need to use an Excel ad-in to reshape the data, letting you get to your data analysis quicker than before.

Streamlined Custom Expressions

Edit your data visualization while having the custom expression window still open – getting to your insights faster. Create ad-hoc calculations without needing to write code, using the drag and drop functionality.


Server Upgrades

  • Tableau Server users can create custom expressions in online-created reports
  • Ability to run multiple queries in parallel
  • Ability to use multiple processor cores to gain results faster
  • Command lines now allow for faster batch line programming




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