Key Tableau Capabilities

The key features of Tableau 9.2 will help you discover and communicate your insights.

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Features in Tableau 8.0

Features in Tableau 8.2

Features in Tableau 9.0


 What’s new in Tableau 9.2


What's New in Tableau 9.2 - Syntelli Solutions Inc.

Tableau iPhone App

Tableau’s brand new iPhone app allows for exploration of data visualizations anywhere.  Additional updates also include improved search for iOS and geolocation.

MapBox Integration

This integration development lets users dive deep into geographic analysis by adding satellite images or using custom maps.


New Enterprise-Level Features

  • Project-level permissions for data governance
  • Updated connectors
  • New authentication technologies – SAML Sign-in

Total Control

This feature allows users to place totals and subtotals wherever needed.

Better Web-Editing Flexibility for Tableau Online

  • View sheet tab colors previously set up in Tableau Desktop
  • In-browser capabilities to edit data (new fields from formula, change field data type, continuous/discrete field toggles, and others)
  • Easily access and export image of dashboard




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