Key Tableau Capabilities

Tableau 8.0 brings a new age of data with more than 90 new features enabling you to do more than ever before.

What’s new in 8.0

Make edits on the fly.

Modify your views in your browser and make changes to your dashboard on your tablet.  The drag and drop environment now enables you to make these live changes.

Data Source Filters

Tableau now offers a higher level of filters that can be applied to the data source prior to loading the data into the analysis.  This enhanced capability now allows for additional security features and new ways to limit work with your data.

Enhanced Mapping Features

The ability to configure and tweak your interactive maps is now easier than ever.  Tableau’s mapping options are now displayed as part of the side pane, similar to many other features, making them easier to find.  Here you can choose which layers you want to overlay on your data, or specify the type of map.

Improved Filters

You can now specify which views you want to apply filters to.  Additionally, there are new filter types that allow for more end-user customization and dashboard design flexibility.



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