Stepping Up to Big Data Analytics: Hadoop and TERR

Big Data analytics is the analysis of data sets that often contain many types of data. It’s designed to help companies extract value from huge volumes of data. The goal: find hidden patterns, market trends and other useful business information to enable more accurate and timely business decisions.Mainstream data handling methods used for relational databases cannot process unstructured such as images, email, sound files and EDI messages, which are common elements of Big Data. And these traditional methods can’t handle the processing demands posed by very large data sets and the need for frequent or continuous updates.So, many organizations are giving Hadoop and related tools a serious look. TIBCO™ has added TERR, its enterprise-grade analytics engine, to Hadoop. The combination provides an open source software framework that supports processing of large and diverse data sets across clustered systems.

What Puts the Oomph into Big Data Analytics Solutions?

By Shikha Kashyap, ago


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