About Hadoop

Hadoop | SyntelliApache™ Hadoop® is an open source software framework, which processes big datasets across many server clusters. It was designed to provide a high degree of failure tolerance. And, it scales up from a single server to hundreds of machines. Hadoop cluster flexibility and resilience enable the software to identify and handle failures at the application rather than the hardware level.

By working with our data specialists, you get personal access to our Hadoop Think Tank. These experts are always ready to answer questions and help you solve problems at whatever stage of implementation you find yourself. From strategy sessions to discussing architecture requirements and final system optimization, you can rely on our team of data scientists.

Why You Should Care About Hadoop

 Why Hadoop
 Hadoop is popular because it’s versatile, adaptable and has many uses in many industries. With Hadoop, your organization will always get reliable Big Data storage, processing, and analysis.
Our certified Hortonworks specialists have helped many customers find powerful intelligence from their massive datasets. These projects deal with location-based marketing for mobile devices, cross-channel customer behavior, automated operations and many other uses.


While most Hadoop projects take months to get off the ground, our data specialists can get you started in weeks or days.

What Comes with Hadoop Consulting & Development

Our Hadoop experts provide much more than good advice. We can help your organization set up, maintain and improve these capabilities:

  • Architecture design and development
  • Data warehousing
  • Predictive analytics
  • Big Data analytics and business intelligence
  • Interactive reporting
  • Rrecommendation engines
What Comes With Hadoop Consulting and Development

Hadoop Design, Architecture & Development

Let us help you design and deploy a customized Big Data architecture that integrates an array of  systems and different data sources. Our services include:

  • Strategy sessions, which identify specific use cases for Big Data projects
  • Assessment services, which match the right technology to your company’s technical and business requirements.
  • Assess current architecture and provide advice for improved operation.
  • Proof of concept demos.
  • Establish performance benchmarks.
  • Help develop database, cloud applications and data warehouse.
  • Design and develop Hadoop infrastructure on Amazon Web Services for accelerated deployment and accurate results. (Networking, Database Management, Data Security, Data Visualizations, Monitoring).
  • Develop automated deployment and monitoring tools.
  • Build distributed systems.
  • Re-engineer applications for MapReduce and NoSQL use.
  • Development with Pig, Hive, Sqoop, Hbase, Drill, Oozie, Flume and many more.
  • Troubleshoot cluster production problems.

Hadoop Design and Architecture

Hadoop provides large and complex infrastructures with all the speed and flexibility that they need for fast, accurate data analysis and management. Contact us today for details.




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